Welcome aboard with Captain Butch Findley for the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Butch Findley has been guiding bay and gulf fishing trips since 1984. He is a native to Port Aransas and the area and has lived here all of his life.

Port Aransas is a city located in the Texas, United States consists of population about 3,480.In Mustang Island, Port Aransas is the only established town. The Texas is developed by karankawa Indians and they led the migration from the mainland to the coastal region. They lived in a small place where fishing is carried out called Sand Point and it is later called as Mustang Island. They are enjoying the humid subtropical temperature

In the early 19th century, the pirates settled in Port Aransas and they are in search for the riches. The captain Jean used this place to make camp and also as a place to hide their treasures. The chest of the treasure is used to mark by using the silver dagger which helps to secure the location. The life saving station was built by the United States in Port Aransas in the year 1850.  The station gave More Help to rescue ship wrecked mariners. The life saving station was run with the help of the volunteer crew. It consists of dock which is stretched from boathouse into channel. When boats are not in use, they are pushed into the boathouse.

In Port Aransas, there is a free transportation service provided for 24 hours. The transportation routes are connected form Mustang Island to Port Aransas through the Aransas pass. On demand the service of boat is provided. About six boats are used for the transportation which carries 20 passengers and tow large ferries are used to carry 28 passengers for each trip. During peak hours there will be a rush and the passengers have to wait for some time till the arrival of ferries. There is a continuous announcement of the regulations of ferries and during the emergency situations.

Captain Butch has a great reputation for finding the fish and getting them in the boat for the fishing trip of a lifetime. He also offers the Blast-N-Cast trips for great duck hunting and fishing in the same day. Take a look at the photo gallery and give us a call or send email for reservations. You will be glad you did. Give us a try, you’ll be satisfied. See ya soon…