Welcome aboard with Captain Butch Findley for the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Butch Findley has been guiding bay and gulf fishing trips since 1984. He is a native to Port Aransas and the area and has lived here all of his life. Captain Butch has a great reputation for finding the fish and getting them in the boat for the fishing trip of a lifetime. He also offers the Blast-N-Cast trips for great duck hunting and fishing in the same day.

Fishing is an activity of catching fish. It is an activity carried out from the past to the present. It is carried out as a recreation activity (pleasure or competition), sport, eating and the like. The process of fishing is carried out by many ways depending upon the area, type of fishes in the area, culture and the river flow. Some of the techniques used for fishing are netting, spearing, angling and many more.

  • Some people perform fishing by the hand itself. This is done by picking the shellfish, and similar species. By the act of digging crabs are caught. At times, spade is also used to perform this kind of fishing. No specialized tools are required for this type of fishing.
  • Recreation fishing is carried out with the help of rods, reels, hooks with the help of lures, baits or artificial flies.
  • A net is used for fishing. A net that is woven that is used by a community of people for the purpose of fishing. They are also refered to as fish traps. These traps are set and once the fishes are caught in the net, the net is pulled out of the water.
  • Spear fishing is also a type of fishing. A dive is made with a spear and with the help of spear, the fishes are caught.

Duck hunting is also an outdoor hunting sport. They can be caught by different ways; one such way is shot guns. This is the usual, frequent way of hunting. At some places, it is prohibited even.

On hearing about these stuffs, anyone on this universe will be very eager to get involved in the act of fishing and duck hunting. So, one can always visit over here and the service here remains to be continued.

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