Bait Shop and Seafood Center

815 Trout Street
Port Aransas Texas, 78373



Welcome to Sportsplex in Port Aransas, Texas. We have the best seafood on the island and it’s as fresh as you can get it. If you are looking for a great fishing trip, we can also book you with some of the best guides in the area. Settle yourself in an extensive trip on the Mustang Island. You have many things to watch out for in this barrier island that is also the longest along the coast of Texas. Although the Port region suffered major setbacks during the world war era, it has now modernized into a place lively with fishing, resorts and beaches. Summers are especially crowded here. Busy office-workers can have a nice and relaxed time along the beaches. It is also a favourite destination for the college students who check out here alone and in groups during their site web outings or summer or spring breaks. Fishing is not just a sport or leisure activity here, but the biggest economic activity. In the early years of the twentieth century, the export of sea turtles also brought income to the residents of the Port. Now, eco-tourism is also becoming popular, and so are adventures like kayaking. The most commonly caught fish types include redfish and seatrout. There are still hundreds of other species roaming around in the seawaters surrounding the Port. Fishing is efficiently supplemented by the growing tourism industry and you can see that in the increasing number of resorts along the beach. Special day celebrations attract thousands of tourists and we have our hands full with guests. Try our freah steamed shrimp or order up a dozen of our great oysters on the half shell while you relax on our new outdoor covered bar. You can relax and watch the ships and fishing boats come in from our new bar. So come on out and enjoy the sea air and drink your favorite beverage on the dock.

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