Texas Hill Country Bed & Breakfast Homepage
   The Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake Texas is a paradise in the middle
of the Texas Hill Country. River Road is a winding road that takes you to
most all the river outfitters in the area. 
 The highway routes are locally called as river road which leads to the United States, Rio Grande and it forms the boundary between the Mexico and U.S. Travelling in this route is very amazing and there is no other place. You can get the useful source of highway routes are available in the website. This little slice of paradise
is a beautiful place to visit and must be a joy to live in. The people 
who run the river outfitters are warm and friendly. I have spent some 
time in the area and made some friends like Charles and Jane Lackey.
  These pages are some of the River Outfitters and hotel and accommodations 
folks I have talked to and recommend if you ever get that way.
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Guadalupe River Conditions 
Guadalupe Trout Unlimited
Gruene Texas Historic District
Gruene River Company
The Outfitters

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River Bank Outfitters

Gruene River Raft Company

Mountain Breeze Campgrounds Lone Star Float House Rainbow Camp River Trips Guadalupe Canoe Livery

Millie’s Canyon Lake Cottages

Jerry’s Rentals on the Guadalupe

Herb’s Tube Center Maricopa Riverside Lodge and River Rides
Andy’s Toob
Lazy L & L Camp Ground

Texas River Trips

Cedar Terrace Condos

River Rat’s Camp River Road Camp Rentals
Bezdek’s Rentals
River Road Camp Rentals

Mountain Breeze Campground
Map to Outfitters
   Special thanks go to Jane Lackey for help on naming this page. She is
a wonderful person and is the Mother figure for many people.
Thanks Jane...
For more info on these fine outfitters 
send e-mail to Webmaster@texhillcntry.com