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Real estate deals with the properties of land, buildings and the natural resources such as water, minerals or crops. It also includes any immovable properties which belong to the nature. Generally in the real estate, the interest will be more on the buildings and lands. The business of real estate done by many professionals and they are involved in renting, buying and selling of the properties. The term real estate is found to be used in the jurisdiction and it is considered as a legal term which is derived from the common law .This law is followed in some of the countries such as India, England, United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

The real estate may fall under the category of residential real estate which involves either the structure of single or multifamily used for the occupation or for any other non business purposes. The residence real estate is based on the connection with the neighboring residences and its land. For similar physical type, different housing tenures can be used. The residence may be owned by single owner and it may be leased out and the agreement may cover relationship between the common areas and the units and the other concerns.

The major categories are as follows

1. Apartment or flat-Apartment consists of single individual unit with the multi unit building. The boundaries of the apartment are defined by lockable doors.

2. Multifamily house

The live in multi storied house which may be a detached building.teh each floor of the house represents the separate apartment.

3. Terraced house

The terraced house may be present in the continuous row which may be single or multi units. The separation of the house is by means of shared walls and there will not be any intervening space.

4. Cooperative

It consists of multiple ownership and corporation owns the property and the rights are given to each of the residents to occupy their specific apartment or a unit.

The other categories are semi detached, detached and portable dwellings. The term square feet or meters are used to represent the size of an apartment. The best website here is available online for the real estate, where the buyers and sellers can directly talk to the owners. Many brokerage free real estate websites are present and there is no hassle of brokers.

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