Captain's Quarters Inn

235 W. Cotter…..Port Aransas, Texas 78373

For reservations call toll free 1-888-272-6727

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A small but eye-catching city, Port Aransas is very popular because of the beaches and excellent places for fishing and is based mainly on the Gulf Coast and is on Mustang Island. The city can be even called the perfect location for a family holiday and can be considered a popular college student destination and mainly on a spring break. The Port town is quite attractive and even it allows a person to drive around in the beach and even helps them to park cars on the beachside. The climate in itself is very good making sure that the place is something that gets the serious attraction.

The beach is always filled with people who are either reading a book or sunbathing and at the same time, there are opportunities for playing water sports as well. The way the sea looks from the beach is still the main attraction in spite of other opportunities and other entertainment that comes with this place. The authorities are aiming to make the city popular and help improve the conditions in the city using revenue from the tourists. There is a bid to improve the eco-tourism aspect and thus there are bids hides and kayak trails and also a large natural reserve that helps with wildlife and improving the hiking experience for the interested participants.

The only town in the barrier island it is an ideal location for birdwatching as they are home to a large number of migrating birds in and around the place. This is a hotspot for ornithologists all around the world to visit the place to learn about the thousands of migrating birds and learn about them at all times and thus enjoy the area completely. The same is the case with the other parks also in the area along with walking up a hike and enjoy the beach as such and even amateur competitions to test your expertise are also held. There are other more favorable places in the area and you can try here to understand more on the location and check out if the place is actually worth your while.