Family owned and operated since 1972.  The campground which is now run by Rodney and Margie Skolaut, son-in law & daughter of original owners, may look a lot different than the one which Louis & Viola Meckel started 26 years ago, but the family pride & tradition remains the same. 

The campground covers an area of about 25 acres of land area. This is beautifully adorned by the Guadalupe River in the front. This whole scene is located on the w  y to Texas hill country. The Guadalupe River runs from Texas to St Antonio Bay. The run flow of this river has many dams (Canyon Dam is the famous one) in its path. This river is well known for a famous fun filled water activity called rafting, canoeing and fly fishing.

The running condition of the river changes in a rapid manner. This control is under the water flow to the dam, Canyon dam. The Army Corps of Engineers has full control over this in return. This river is marked as an area prone to flooding; but many safety precautions are considered while operating so. During the rainy season, the threat increases to several extents. At this time, the water activities are stopped for safety. The local people around this area are also endangered to threat of flood. So, it better for the tourists not to visit this river for recreations sport during the rainy season. One can check that particular period of rainy time before they decide their travel.

Returning back to the Lazy L and L campground, the pet animals are strictly prohibited in this area by the tourists or by the local people over here. The map and the guiding directions are given for the travellers and the tourists who wish to visit there. The events and the recreational water sports are immense and are of great relief to the mental stress. The place of residence area gives a natural feel and the experience will be extraordinary.

Lazy L&L located 12 miles up River Road (Between 3rd & 4th Crossing) , is home to Devil’s Playground a beautiful set of white water rapids at the end of the campground.  Many have said that they are the best set of rapids on the entire Guadalupe River. We have lots of room for large groups due to our 25 acre facility. Our grill will prepare BBQ, fried catfish and other items for your enjoyment.


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Visit Wimberley in the Texas Hill Country
Take Home Wonderful Memories

The best place to visit for people belonging to cities, the Texas Hill Country is a place that attracts people from all over to enjoy the place as much as possible and spend a few days in the area thus enjoying the location to the fullest. There are unique opportunities for the users to enjoy the place along with a number of attractions in the place and hence have a memorable stay throughout this place always.

Enchanted rock park is one of the largest natural rock formations which is the best location for hiking, and bird watching and rock climbing are all the most popular activities. The water park in the area is a variety one which is innovative and something that has a lot of coasters and tubes that have all been the unique features which includes everything from a slow and lazing water to rapid water flows.

Wildlife ranches are another such an important place that helps people to tour the place in their vehicle and at the same time enjoy the place entirely which is filled with the presence of animals like rhinos and zebras and many more such animals and beasts. The capital should be something that is an identity of the country and in this case, it is unique and is considered even as the National Landmark.

At the same time, we have been introduced to the multiple numbers of historical museums with information from years right from the prehistoric times to the present times. The hills around the area is too good as the hills and other creeks and rivers flowing around the place is filled with wineries and the B&Bs as well as the dance halls including geological areas that have been important in showcasing to the world as there are gorgeous roads and more and more locations that have been important in their own place and in such a way that the place stays in your mind at all times.

The places to stay are all unique and things that are important to be kept in mind will all be in the website link given thus making sure that the place is good and satisfies the need of the users.

Follow the links at the left for lodging information and pricing

P.O. Box 2375 – 400 River Road – Wimberley, Texas 78676
Local 512-847-3909     Fax 512-847-6939
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


Do you want to experience the perfect beach life in Texas? Go to the Port Aransas in Mustang Island. You can travel on the long shoreline with sandy beaches that extends to almost 18 kilometers. The route is a favorite visiting destination for the locals and then the tourists. If beaches treat with relaxed mood and scenic panorama, the facilities on the beaches and inland spots give you numerous recreational activities. Fishing is a must in this fishing shore, be it for food or sport. You can go around the birds or parasail on the sea and travel with the dolphins. Kayaking brings out the adventurous side and do try this out alone or with your group. Play golf by watching the sea waves brushing on the shore and the multiple shops sell you all kinds of items starting from routine and show-piece ones to delicious food or even your own fish catch.

Again, there are many options to make your say comfortable. The luxurious hotels for the rich guys, the cottages for homely ones, vacation houses for longer stays and even hotels for a quick trip. The rates might be higher during the season of festivals like the Whooping Crane Festival or the Texas Sandfest and hence a pre-booking will help. There are trolleys, ferries, Flexi-B, and the Port Aransas Express along Route 95 itself that take the visitors to any side of the Island where they want to see or stay. You can get the schedules of all of them and plan your travel prior.

Port Aransas Trolley Schedule

Access Rd. 1A at BeachAlister at Ave. G Birding Facility Marina Jetties Horace Caldwell Pier Ave. G. at Beach Access Rd. 1A at Beach
10:00am 10:05am 10:08am 10:14am 10:21am 10:28am 10:35am 10:48am
10:50am 10:55am10:58am11:04am11:11am 11:18am 11:25am11:38am
11:40am11:45am11:48am11:54am12:01pm 12:08pm 12:15pm 12:28pm
12:30pm 12:35pm 12:38pm 12:44pm 12:51pm12:58pm1:05pm 1:18pm
1:20pm1:25pm 1:28pm 1:34pm 1:41pm 1:48pm 1:55pm 2:08pm
2:10pm 2:15pm 2:18pm2:24pm 2:31pm2:38pm 2:45pm 2:58pm
3:00pm 3:05pm3:08pm 3:14pm 3:21pm 3:28pm 3:35pm 3:48pm
3:50pm3:55pm 3:58pm4:04pm4:11pm4:18pm 4:25pm 4:38pm
4:40pm 4:45pm4:48pm4:54pm5:01pm 5:08pm 5:15pm5:28pm



  Rafts, Tubes, Kayaks, Inflatable Canoes, Shuttles 3 Bedroom Condo Rentals Now Available!!!
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Trips to Mexico also available with class 2, 3 and 4 water for your enjoyment. Please call and ask Steve about the greatest trip of a life time, Mexico white water rafting.

It’s fun and easy to plan your trip with Abbott’s Rentals

Abbotts 06 river outfitter gives you quality vessels and you can find this boating as an amazing experience. Really it will be fun and you will get relaxed. In Canyon Lake, there is a plenty of places to parking and people can feel free to avail their vehicles. You can go through the review, directions, amount and more for the Abbotts outfitters.

Rentals, camping and condos are available at Abbott’s 306. Our office is conveniently located at the top of the famous “tube loop.” We are competitively priced and look forward to meeting you soon. Our store carries T-shirts, snacks, soft drinks, river wear and a full complement of rental equipment.

From Austin and Dallas: Take IH-35 south. At exit #191 turn onto Hwy 306; drive 12.5 miles to Abbott’s 306.

From Houston: Take IH-10 west. Take exit #607 to Hwy 46. Turn right and drive 12 miles. Take IH-35 north. At exit #191 take a left on Hwy 306. Drive 12.5 miles to Abbott’s 306.

From San Antonio and Corpus Christi: Take IH-35 north. At exit #191, just past New Braunfels, turn left on Hwy 306 and drive 12.5 miles to Abbott’s 306.


ABBOTT’S RENTALS invite you to come and enjoy the beautiful and scenic Guadalupe River, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The Guadalupe River, from Canyon Dam to New Braunfels, has long been recognized as one of the most exciting float trips in Texas.
The water flow along our section of the Guadalupe is determined by the amount of water released through the dam at Canyon Lake. This volume is measured in cubic feet per second, referred to as cfs. This controlled release of water usaully allows us great river conditions throughout the summer season.
At ABBOTT’S RENTALS it’s our job to make your trip an enjoyable one…that you’ll relive over and over. We’ll be happy to help you plan your trip, and supply you with some of the best equipment available on the Guadalupe River. We offer exciting float trips, ranging from 1-10 hours, and a choice of 2 convenient locations.Choose our location nearest your favorite section of the river. We’ll outfit you with the latest and best in float equipment, shuttle you to a private put in, and send a shuttle for you when you take out.

3 Bedroom Condo Rentals Now Available!!!
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Trips to Mexico also available with class 2, 3 and 4 water for your enjoyment. Please call and ask Steve about the greatest trip of a life time, Mexico white water rafting.