The border

The border area lying between the south-east and south-west parts of America have a uniqueness to become mentioned as a distinct region. It is known as the Texas Hill Country and that is for specific reasons. It lies on the south-east part of the Edwards Plateau that forms big habitats on its grasslands and caves. The characters of the flora and fauna of these habitats have influenced the bounties of Texas Hill Country also. It combines the geographical, ecological, and climatic features of both the sides lying near it.

Just like the plateau terrain, the region has a hilly terrain that consists of numerous caves, and hills made of limestone and granite. This topography is geographically called karst topography and has created many marvelous and natural structures in the deep and interior caves. If the hills reach to a maximum of 500 feet, the nearby Packsaddle Mountain rises higher above up to 800 feet. This mountain is a treat to the tourists as well as the geologists who are working to unearth many historical stories lying beneath each layer of rock. If gold formed the center of old stories, tribal fights dominated the later historical years. For the tourists, the saddle-shaped rocks give the most intriguing sight. Next is the Llano Uplift which consists of higher terrains and granite domes made up of igneous and metamorphic rocks. It has a diameter of about 90 miles and extends from the Colorado River to the Llano River. You can get the famous pink granite blocks from the Granite Mountain rock quarries or enjoy the Enchanted Rock which is the largest of its type in the US. All in all, it is a great site to know how beautiful granite domes can get and how bountiful you can become with pink granites.

The next geological wonder here is the Balcones Fault Zone in the south-west part. It is actually made up of many smaller faults, depressed faults known as grabens and raised faults known as horsts. Along the Colorado River, the Covert Park or Mount Bonnell Fault offers great tourist points and forms a part of the Balcones Fault. This fault zone is also significant for the fact that the neighbouring cities of Austin, New Braunfels and San Marcos are fed by the water of the springs coming from the Edwards Aquifer located on the Edwards Plateau. The country hill is a combination of great geological formations without many human interventions, but is highly useful for the human settlements here, apart from serving as tourist destinations.

Lazy L & L

Lazy L & L ground is a campground of fun, happiness and thrill. One can spend their leisure time in a more recreational way. It relieves all the stress from the person and keeps them happy both mentally and physically. It is an area of 25 acres with the front view of a river. The mind gets relaxed and gets occupied with the full of positive thoughts.

Depending upon the persons who visit this camp, the camping is made ready for them. They are arranged on a rental basis and even monthly rates. The purpose may vary like wedding, party, reunion and so on. The camp is provided with water, electricity and all the basic needs. It is also designed with the fire ring, BarBQ grill, picnic tables and the like. Areas are also available that can be used as playing area, partying spot, open music and so on. Other facilities available are store, volley ball courts, dance area, washer pits and tube rental. A short walk from the river leads us to the Lazy L&L Rock house that is rental. This Rock house is facilitated very well in such a way that it has facilities like fireplace, stereo speakers, wifi, beds, refrigerator, oven, microwave, toaster, linens and so on.

Many water sports are available that makes the tourists engage well. It gives the perfect deviation from their busy schedules of work.

  • A kayak is a small, narrow boat that is usually driven by a double sided paddle stick. The word kayak is a word originated from Greenlandic version. It is driven as a source of recreation purpose. The person who drives a kayak is really thrill filled.
  • A raft is defined as a flat structure that is used as a water transport. It is generally constructed with the wood that makes the raft float about in the river. It is also a water sport that is carried out for fun and thrill. Apart from the woods, barrels, air chambers are also used to construct it. This is driven by an engine or a paddle.
  • Tubing is also a recreation activity. It is a single person ride. The tubes may be towed and free floating. This can be carried out by kids too.
  • Fishing is also a water sport that is widely carried out in Canyon Lake. More hints are available that details the types of fish that can be caught.

Crypto Trading Robots and their variety and description

The Cryptocurrency market is a very volatile market which is famous for different opportunities provided and hence these opportunities are very much unpredictable making sure that it is very difficult to predict at all.

The Gunbot is a famous Crypto Trading Robot among this lot and is very much equipped with all the different strategies it undertakes to make it a point that all of them are used to make sure that the trading is very much possible in the right way. The setting is too good thus encouraging a user to use their own imaginations and then make a robot best for the given solution as much as possible. There are a variety of settings provided and most of them give the bot a unique property thus making it a good one for the possible situation.

The three commas Crypto Trading Bot is something again of the situation where manual trading in the right policy is checked out and basic accounts are created for that purpose only. There are pre-programmed bots that do the same function and they employ a variety of different ways and steps to ensure that appropriate actions will make the relevant changes to the system and then eventually increase their trading trends as liked by the rest of the people actually involved with this system.

When you navigate to this website you will get to know that more information on this topic explains the workings and how well the bots perform their duties towards making sure that the necessary steps are taken.

There is a set of more advanced Crypto Trading Robots that actually help with the exchange of currencies also. This is comprised mainly of the LiveTrader Cryptocurrency Trading Robot which has its eyes set on major currency exchanges throughout the place. The main function is that they test their strategy based on the conditions of the market in a live scale and hence checks what the user needs and how well it can be implemented.

ProfitTrailer Cryptocurrency Trading robot is helping traders to build their own robot and helps the same with the relevant indicators and strategies to do the same at the fastest possible rate without much difficulty. The trading has been easy and it is taking feedback from each user on how they can complete it and how each signal from the market affects the plan of the bot in proving the relevance of its decision and make accurate assessments to the users participating in the trade.


Texas Hill Country

Real estate deals with the properties of land, buildings and the natural resources such as water, minerals or crops. It also includes any immovable properties which belong to the nature. Generally in the real estate, the interest will be more on the buildings and lands. The business of real estate done by many professionals and they are involved in renting, buying and selling of the properties. The term real estate is found to be used in the jurisdiction and it is considered as a legal term which is derived from the common law .This law is followed in some of the countries such as India, England, United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

The real estate may fall under the category of residential real estate which involves either the structure of single or multifamily used for the occupation or for any other non business purposes. The residence real estate is based on the connection with the neighboring residences and its land. For similar physical type, different housing tenures can be used. The residence may be owned by single owner and it may be leased out and the agreement may cover relationship between the common areas and the units and the other concerns.

The major categories are as follows

1. Apartment or flat-Apartment consists of single individual unit with the multi unit building. The boundaries of the apartment are defined by lockable doors.

2. Multifamily house

The live in multi storied house which may be a detached building.teh each floor of the house represents the separate apartment.

3. Terraced house

The terraced house may be present in the continuous row which may be single or multi units. The separation of the house is by means of shared walls and there will not be any intervening space.

4. Cooperative

It consists of multiple ownership and corporation owns the property and the rights are given to each of the residents to occupy their specific apartment or a unit.

The other categories are semi detached, detached and portable dwellings. The term square feet or meters are used to represent the size of an apartment. The best website here is available online for the real estate, where the buyers and sellers can directly talk to the owners. Many brokerage free real estate websites are present and there is no hassle of brokers.

Real Estate

Austin, Cedar Park,Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville, Round Rock

CalculateYour Mortgage Payment

VickieBeard RealtyPacesettersRealty
TowerReal EstateHome Owners OnlyForSale or Rent By Owner


Port Aransas Restaurants

Trout Street Bar & Grill

Ballyhoo Piano Bar P.O. Box 1461 905-B Alister St. 361-749-2600   Piano/Martini Bar

  Beeman’s Coffee Bar P.O. Box 1301 229 Beach St. 361-749-7616   Serving coffee, pastries, sandwiches, desserts and Smoothie Drinks (cappuccino, iced tea, hot tea and hot chocolates)

A coffee bar is a building that serves the purpose of a coffee shop. The people who visit here are served with the dishes in a quick and instant way. They are made comfortable with the seating arrangements. One can relax them and more bonuses are got in terms of happiness and enjoyment.

  Castaways Restaurant P.O. Box 1358 312 N. Alister 361-749-5394   Seafood, steaks, burgers and chicken served daily in a nautical, historical atmosphere. Children’s menu. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Beer, wine. Inexpensive to moderate.

  Crazy Cajun P.O. Box 1728 303 Beach Street 361-749-5069   Cajun style seafood, gumbo, red beans and rice, dirty rice, shrimp, stone crab claws, crawfish and baby-back ribs. Served on butcher paper family style. Live entertainment on weekends. Enjoy a drink outside in their beer garden before dinner.

  Gilley’s Flounder RunP.O. Box 1356 129 N. Alister 361-749-4869   Our specialty is Flounder, blackened, baked or fried. We catch our own fish fresh daily.

  Island Cafe P.O. Box 2188 224 Cotter 361-749-6602   Old time cafe, great breakfasts, Tex-Mex food, seafood, down-home cooking.

  Marcel’s Restaurant P.O. Box 936 905 Hwy. 361 361-749-5577   Serving seafood, hand-cut choice steaks and German cuisine. Dinner daily except Wednesday. Beer & wine. Moderate to expensive.

  Pelican’s Landing Restaurant P.O. Box 506 337 Alister 361-749-6405   Serving locally caught fresh fish, fresh cut steaks and specialty items. Full service bar. Outdoor covered deck open for lunch, served inside in winter. Weekday lunch specials. Child’s menu, Senior’s menu. Open daily. Moderate to expensive.

  Port “A” Pizzeria P.O. Box 1559 222 Beach Street 361-749-5226   Serving pizza, subs, spaghetti and salad bar for lunch and dinner. Open daily except Tuesday. Beer in frosted mugs, non-alcoholic beer, and wine. Take out available. Most major credit cards. Inexpensive.

  Quarterdeck Drawer AA 419 Tarpon St. 361-749-4449   The Island’s oldest eatery featuring the freshest of seafood & more. Home of famous onion rings.

  Seafood & Spaghetti Works P.O. Box 81 710 S. Alister 361-749-5666   Unique menu of seafood, steaks, Italian food, pizza, soup and salad bar. Dinner served daily. Sunday breakfast brunch buffet. full bar. Moderate to expensive.

  Sharkey’s P.O. Box 196 730 Trout 361-749-4254   Bar with lots of local flavor, dancing & pool tables.  Shell’s Pasta & Seafood P.O. Box 1018 522 E. Avenue G 361-749-7621   Quality food at affordable prices. Specialize in Pasta, Fresh homemade bread, Fresh fish and hand-cut meats.

  Shrimp House P.O. Box 481 315 Alister 361-749-7595   A casual, economical alternative to many of the full service restaurants on the Island featuring fried & grilled sandwich baskets, Shrimp, Local catch fish fried or grilled, Homemade keylime pie & Specialty Beer

  Subway P.O. Box 870 605 N. Alister 361-749-5650   Enjoy big and meaty subway sandwiches and seafood subs with “free fixins” on fresh-baked bread, hot and hearty soups and salads to eat there or take out. Party subs and party platters also available. Open daily. Inexpensive.

  The Gaff P.O. Box 1527 323 Beach Street 361-749-5970   Great hand-made pizza & friendly atmosphere. We also deliver.

  The Other Guys P.O. Box 2258 106 Cotter 361-749-4972   Specializing in fresh fried seafood, gumbos, po boys, giant burgers, daily specials and a Sunday brunch. Full bar with specialty drinks.

  The Sea Wind Steak House 445 W. Cotter 361-749-4033   “Serving Those Who Appreciate Fine Food”, Menu includes steaks, seafood, hamburgers and sandwiches

  Trout Street Bar & GrillP.O. Box 1909 104 W. Cotter 361-749-7800   A Key West-Nantucket Atmosphere overlooking the Marina & Ship Channel. Fresh Seafood to Steaks, Three full bars, Outdoor dining, Banquet facilities, Awesome sunset, Upscale but casual. E-mail:

  Venetian Hot Plate P.O. Box 1537 232 Beach Street 361-749-7617   Cucina Italiana. ‘From the Gulf of Venice to the Gulf of Mexico’ Fresh seafood, Veal, Prime cuts and Pastas. Wines at cellar temperatures. E-mail: Closed Mondays.

  Virginia’s on the Bay at Sportsplex 815 Trout Street 361-749-4088   Open air over water, Great view. Serving grilled Seafood, Burgers, and steamed seafood.  Whataburger #311 303 W. Cotter 361-749-5400   Breakfast and burgers to eat in or to go. Open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.


Texas Hill Country Bed & Breakfast Homepage
   The Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake Texas is a paradise in the middle
of the Texas Hill Country. River Road is a winding road that takes you to
most all the river outfitters in the area. 
 The highway routes are locally called as river road which leads to the United States, Rio Grande and it forms the boundary between the Mexico and U.S. Travelling in this route is very amazing and there is no other place. You can get the useful source of highway routes are available in the website. This little slice of paradise
is a beautiful place to visit and must be a joy to live in. The people 
who run the river outfitters are warm and friendly. I have spent some 
time in the area and made some friends like Charles and Jane Lackey.
  These pages are some of the River Outfitters and hotel and accommodations 
folks I have talked to and recommend if you ever get that way.
Dolphin Dock Inc. Banner

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Guadalupe River Conditions 
Guadalupe Trout Unlimited
Gruene Texas Historic District
Gruene River Company
The Outfitters

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River Bank Outfitters

Gruene River Raft Company

Mountain Breeze Campgrounds Lone Star Float House Rainbow Camp River Trips Guadalupe Canoe Livery

Millie’s Canyon Lake Cottages

Jerry’s Rentals on the Guadalupe

Herb’s Tube Center Maricopa Riverside Lodge and River Rides
Andy’s Toob
Lazy L & L Camp Ground

Texas River Trips

Cedar Terrace Condos

River Rat’s Camp River Road Camp Rentals
Bezdek’s Rentals
River Road Camp Rentals

Mountain Breeze Campground
Map to Outfitters
   Special thanks go to Jane Lackey for help on naming this page. She is
a wonderful person and is the Mother figure for many people.
Thanks Jane...
For more info on these fine outfitters 
send e-mail to


Welcome aboard with Captain Butch Findley for the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Butch Findley has been guiding bay and gulf fishing trips since 1984. He is a native to Port Aransas and the area and has lived here all of his life.

Port Aransas is a city located in the Texas, United States consists of population about 3,480.In Mustang Island, Port Aransas is the only established town. The Texas is developed by karankawa Indians and they led the migration from the mainland to the coastal region. They lived in a small place where fishing is carried out called Sand Point and it is later called as Mustang Island. They are enjoying the humid subtropical temperature

In the early 19th century, the pirates settled in Port Aransas and they are in search for the riches. The captain Jean used this place to make camp and also as a place to hide their treasures. The chest of the treasure is used to mark by using the silver dagger which helps to secure the location. The life saving station was built by the United States in Port Aransas in the year 1850.  The station gave More Help to rescue ship wrecked mariners. The life saving station was run with the help of the volunteer crew. It consists of dock which is stretched from boathouse into channel. When boats are not in use, they are pushed into the boathouse.

In Port Aransas, there is a free transportation service provided for 24 hours. The transportation routes are connected form Mustang Island to Port Aransas through the Aransas pass. On demand the service of boat is provided. About six boats are used for the transportation which carries 20 passengers and tow large ferries are used to carry 28 passengers for each trip. During peak hours there will be a rush and the passengers have to wait for some time till the arrival of ferries. There is a continuous announcement of the regulations of ferries and during the emergency situations.

Captain Butch has a great reputation for finding the fish and getting them in the boat for the fishing trip of a lifetime. He also offers the Blast-N-Cast trips for great duck hunting and fishing in the same day. Take a look at the photo gallery and give us a call or send email for reservations. You will be glad you did. Give us a try, you’ll be satisfied. See ya soon…


Lone Star Float House


7430 River Road

New Braunfels, Texas 78132

Welcome to Lone Star Float House! We are located on River Road 7/10 mile up river from the Second Crossing. We have beautifully decorated, air conditioned cabins overlooking the river with a lush, private picnic area. We offer many float trips ranging from rafting exciting rapids to a cool leisurely trip in a tube as you watch the beautiful Hill Country float by.

There is a beautiful cabin is located which has the view of river. Many float trips are available at the valuable price. You can enjoy a lot with your family and friends and here the best catering service is available. Learn More information about eh rentals, parking facilities and the best river float trips form the recommended sites.

All of our float trips feature the popular “Tube Chute” where you can stop and run the chute a few times and hang out with friends for a while before the last leg of your float (about 15 minutes). When you reach the float house, you are at your destination, now you can get dry and feed, cause we have a full grill featuring our “Great Burgers” and “Float House Nachos” along with other favorites, like Bar-B-Que and Grilled Chicken. It’s also a great way to start the morning. Either fresh out of your tent, or, cabin (although our cabins do offer kitchenettes), or a power snack before an early float, “Tuttle’s Breakfast Tacos” are a Guadalupe River must have! Our deck overlooking the river is a great, scenic place to kick back with your old friends or ones you’ve newly made, listen to music, have a beer, a bite to eat, and watch the sun set. We cater to all groups, so it’s a great highlight for a reunion, party or church group and even a business trip that just needs a break. We can customize a trip to meet everyone’s needs, even if they aren’t all the same! We can supply the tubes, rafts, life vest, paddles, ice chest, beer, wine, soft drinks, bottled water, snacks, ice, and many other necessities. PLEASE be sure and wear suitable shoes and do not go if you can not swim. We do not recommend children under 6.

7/10 miles up river from 2nd crossing.

TubesRaftsShuttleParkingFoodBeer and Cold DrinksHamburgersChicken SandwichesPicnic TablesPrivate Parties







TUBES W/BOTTOMS………………..$15.00TUBES W/OUT BOTTOMS…………….$15.00RAFTS…………………$25.00 PER PERSON
$30.00 MIN. + $50.00 DEPOSIT
Prices include parking $ shuttle GROUP RATES AVAILABLE (call for large group reservations of 50 or more)








Glass and styrofoam are prohibited by ordinance
Secure all personal property
Use furnished litter bags


All property along the Guadalupe is private
Services available with businesses and outfitters
Please respect all properties

Lone Star Float House 7430 River Road


Maricopa Riverside Lodge 12381 FM 306 Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

(830) 964-3600 or 1-800-460-8891

Conveniently located to Schlitterbahn Waterpark, The Alamo, Fiesta Texas, The Outlet Malls in San Marcos, New Braunfels Outlet Malls, San Antonio River Walk and Sea World.

Maricopa River RidesToobs-Rafts-Canoes-Kayaks Custom trips are avaiable daily from 1 hour to all day with free shuttle service and parking. For reservations or information, please call 1-800-460-8891 or (830)964-2222
Military, Student and Group Rates are Available

(830) 964-2222 – or – 1-800-460-8891

Maricopa, a city located in the Arizona with 50,024 residents. It is the second most populated city in the Pinal country and it is a part of the Phoenix. The city had more reliable source of water and surplus amount of food .Many of the people were farmers and they farmed the land and sold the things to the travelers and the migrants of that place. They earned money by selling their products.teh city had well road facilities and it attracted many travelers. There is also a facility of the rail road from the terminus to the Phoenix and the people who are working, got more benefits for their travelling. There is more rush in the hotels, saloons, theatres, etc by the travelers.

There was a development of Harrah’s Ak Chin Casino by the tribe and also resort, multi entertainment complex and golf course. They are open for the public and it drawn the attention of the tourists to Maricopa and Phoenix and got popular among the visitors. Moreover the tribes operated regional airport and also constructed the industrial park. And like this Casino and resort, they created number of jobs and revenue and made up large part in the economy of the country.teh city is governed by the Council manager.

Goofy’s Dive ShopOpen year round.We are a full service dive shop with air fills, equipment rental and sales. Dive classes are available.

Maricopa River Side Lodge and River Rides is a family oriented Lodging and River outfitter. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Guadalupe River in the comfort of our air conditioned rooms and clean picnic grounds. You can play a game of horse shoes, volley ball, swim in the pool or just just lay back and enjoy the beauty of the Guadalupe River from our tree covered patio.

Cable TV-Free Local Calls-Swimming Pool

  • BBQ Pits-Horse Shoes- Volley Ball-Swings and Slides
  • Complimentary Coffee
  • Trout Fishing
  • Camping and RV Sites



Located on the Mustang Island the place is filled with a large number of beaches and thus is home for a large number of visitors who are all interested in parasailing even skydiving and aerial tour across the location.

There are agencies that provide parasailing chances and helping people through a lot of adventures and excursions and travel along the Gulf and showcases famous areas around the place at all times. There are trained drivers who guide people through the waters and riders sail around in the place through all the water and reach a lot of feet above sea level. At the same time safety is also imperative and there is training for new parasailers and helps people to be safe from back and neck injuries and even high definition recordings of the flights as well.

At the same time, there is a dolphin watching tour where riders are having close-up experiences watching Dolphins at all times. The lower deck with the touch tank is a good experience along with marine life. There are also sunset cruises that provide for good panoramic views and at the same time providing educational tours thus giving good opportunities and help students who are studying marine ecology and more and more information about coastal history. They also allow for private charters for weddings and family as well as formal meetings.

At the same time, there is a charter that is available for hours and in such a way there is a variety of experience with a complete set of supplies for fishing is also present. The crew members are all experienced and provide all the necessary materials to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable day in the sea fishing along with all necessary materials and a watchful crew to keep you safe at all times.

The Mustang park is a long stretch of the beach providing a lot of recreational activities like swimming, hiking, and surfing and there are a lot of trails that have been too good in ensuring that there are miles of trekking and also a lot of opportunities for shallow water fishing. The better feature is the bird watching feature that has a lot of unique birds that have been migrating to the park. The campsites are also very popular and there are many more sites for a drive up as well as it is mentioned on the main page as well.